Ice, Ice, Baby: Cold Capping to Prevent Hair Loss in Chemo

Getting a cancer diagnosis is frightening and stressful, and from that moment on, it can occupy your entire life. Treatments and possible surgeries take over day-to-day living, while your family, your job and your body are thrown out of whack. It’s a daily struggle to maintain some semblance […]


How You Can Live Green in NYC

If you haven’t already noticed, we take Earth Month very seriously around here. And while we love the convenience of subways and Seamless, there are so many little things that we can collectively do to make a difference—because we’ve only got one Mother Earth after all. Ahead, you’ll […]


How-To: Reboot Those Resolutions!

If you’ve found yourself already falling behind on your resolutions (it’s okay, we won’t point fingers), we’re here to help pick up where you left off and kick things back into high gear. You deserve your best life this year—so forget about those days you missed and focus […]


Beyond Earth Month: The Big Thing You Can Do To Save The Planet (And Your Hair)

If you’ve been near a Scott J Salon during April, you know we get into Earth Month in a big way. Our fundraising for Clean Ocean Action takes many forms. This year we hosted a Walk for Clean Water across the Brooklyn Bridge on April 19, and every […]


25 Necessities To Help You Slay The Work Day

If there’s one thing proven to boost workflow, it’s confidence. Now, you may already be killing it on the job, but whether you’re in a cubicle or a corner office there’s always room to escalate your style game at work. Stock your desk with these key items that […]

avery wells - scott j salon educator

Scott J’s Incredible Education Team: Part 2

By now you’ve met four of the 12 people who make up Scott J’s incredible education team. Here are some more superstar instructors who ensure that ALL stylists at Scott J are at the top of their game. Behind the chair or in front of a class, they […]


A Trashionable Way to Save the Earth!

RECYCLING. It’s so important to our environment—but traditionally not the sexiest concept. Until Aveda put its most creative minds on it. Behold, the Recycled Water Bottle Dress! To raise recycling awareness while honoring its fashion-forward roots, Aveda sponsors Catwalks for Water, or “Trashion Shows,” across North America every […]


“If They Say ‘That’s Nice,’ I Trash It”

Deconstructing Hauns Korpela’s creative process Hauns Korpela is Scott J’s Creative Director, a master of delivering looks that people crave in their everyday life. Cuts, colors and styles that flatter and inspire our guests. Striking editorial looks for models in ads and fashion layouts. But it’s not just […]