Summer hair tricks and trends

Source: Aveda

Ah, summer…time to slow down, kick off your shoes, soak up the sun and relax. Well, in most cases. Unfortunately, that easy-does-it attitude doesn’t always apply to hair. Between the intense color-zapping sunlight, frizz-inducing humidity and drying, chlorinated pools, the season can be stressful for your tresses. That’s why we’re turning to the pros—our talented stylists—for their top tricks and tips for summer. Regardless of your hair woe, they have the solution.

Dry hair a drag?

Color processing, chlorine, saltwater and other environmental elements can leave hair parched and frazzled. Combat these factors by giving your hair some extra TLC in the shower, advises Laurell Garcia, who works at our Upper West Side location.

“Only shampoo your roots when washing,” she says. “Condition the ends only. Our scalp produces oils on the scalp, so our ends don’t see much of that oil and become dry and fragile. You can leave in the conditioner on the ends if you want.”

And it goes without saying that you’ll want to use a gentle shampoo free of sodium lauryl sulfates (pssst…that’s a description of every Aveda shampoo). For even more intense hydration, Tanya Rullan at the Upper West Side location advises nourishing your strands with a botanical treatment service—just ask to add-on to your next appointment for $25. And if you’re going swimming, do not take a running cannonball leap into the pool without hitting the shower first—no matter how tempting the water may be.

“Dry hair soaks up the salt and chlorine,” Tanya says. “So remember to wet your hair with fresh water before swimming in the pool or ocean.”

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Oil overproduction

During summer, your scalp’s oil production goes into overdrive. That’s because you’re sweating more, for one thing. Also, you may wear your hair up in a ponytail more often, which prevents oil from working its way down the shaft. To cut the grease factor, whip out your old friend, dry shampoo—even on days when you’ve washed your hair.

“I always put dry shampoo in at my roots before bed to help absorb the oils produced during the night,” Laurell says.

Oily hair can decrease your blowout’s longevity, too. The solution? Laurel pin-curls her hair with bobby pins to maximize her volume in the morning and maintain that perfect blowout.

Curly hair conundrums

We’re loving the curly hair trend this summer, but the frizz? Not so much. Fortunately, there are a number of allies in your fight against flyaways. Nykia Rosario swears by Aveda’s Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother, which fights humidity for up to 12 hours. Organic aloe, maize and guar bean combine to give hair a smooth, glassy surface.

If you’re looking for a long-term solution, Nykia recommends “a formaldehyde-free straightening treatment, like Cezanne.” Cezanne is all-natural, and it actually strengthens hair using an ingredient derived from silk. It lasts up to five months (so your smooth look will continue well into fall).

Of course, gorgeous curly hair starts with the right cut. Shari Lynn, a stylist at our Morningside Heights location, has a few suggestions.

“I always create a more layered look, so the hair doesn’t get too heavy and weigh the hair down,” she says.

And if you weren’t blessed with curls, but still desire texture, Shari says, “A razor or texturing shears are ideal to achieve that goal, as well as a good pomade to help give hair texture and make it funky.”

Color conservation

Lots of people opt to lighten their hair during the summer for a sun-kissed look, but if you lift your hair too much, too fast, you might be left with dry, straw-like strands. Baby steps are the key to keeping hair as healthy as possible during color treatments.

“Depending on how dark you are, stages are usually the best option to maintain the health of your hair,” Tanya says. “For virgin hair we can use Aveda highlift colors to explore going lighter without using bleach.”

If you want to keep semi-permanent auburns and brunettes looking vibrant, your strategy is twofold: protect and replenish.

“Always use Aveda’s Sun Veil spray to help protect the color from sun fade,” Tanya says. “And use Aveda’s Color Conserve shampoo and conditioner.”

We hope this has been helpful—and we’ve got lots more ideas from where those come from. Stop by for a smoothing treatment, heatproof cut, botanical treatment or just to talk summer hair strategies…and don’t forget to have fun in the sun.