Live streaming coverage. Inspiring imagery. Being able to see the future.

It’s a thrill to see what these creative geniuses have come up with, and how they choose to present it. A fashion show is a moving work of art that can never be recreated in the same way, and no detail is left to chance – especially when it comes to hair and makeup.

Imagine these models from the Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2013 show with big beehive hair, cat-eyes and glossy bubble-gum pink lips. It just wouldn’t work. Hair stylists and makeup artists have to work closely with the designers to create a full look that tells a story.

Then we all get to watch as the fashions make their way from the runway to the racks over the coming months. It’s like betting on horses – who will cross the finish line, and who will be left in the dust, never to make it past the runway and into our every day lives?

Once these collaborative creations find their way into our own repertoire, we’re able to have conversations at home about “what hair goes with this dress?” or “is this lip color too much with these earrings?” – it’s a beautiful cohesion. We’re lucky to get to work in an industry that focuses on the art of it all.