Help! My Hair Needs Volume!

Thin or fine hair is often a matter of genetics, though external factors (like diet or stress) can also play a role. Regardless of the cause, there are effective and healthy ways to plump up what nature gave you (or just look like you did). From semi-permanent to just-for-tonight, here are a multitude of methods to get some oomph into your hair.

1. Invati/ Invati For Men

Manface UK tried Aveda’s regular Invati line for thinning hair and declared it so effective that “I’ve had to take breaks from using it as my hair just became far too thick — no joke!” Now the powerhouse Invati line for fine/ thin hair is launching a spinoff for guys. Behold, Invati for Men! Men’s skin and scalp differ from women’s, so they need to be treated differently. Men are more prone to sensitivity, itchiness, irritation, and redness. Aveda formulated the Invati for Men line to address these issues and make it more guy-friendly. While the regular Invati line is a 3-step process, Invati for Men is a quicker 2-step system. Both Invati and Invati for Men instantly thicken hair from the roots while keeping the hair you have longer.

how to add volume to hair - aveda invati for men

Aveda has added Invati for Men to its collection of hair thickening products. Source: Aveda

2. Cut & Color Combo

An expert haircut and color can give your hair instant thickness and depth — well, at least the illusion of it. Well-placed highlights and lowlights visually create dimension, making your hair appear denser than it is.

A great cut adds instant volume — while, conversely, the wrong cut will make matters worse. Blunt cuts, bobs, razor cuts, texturizing techniques … these are just a few of the tools we have in our arsenal.

how to add volume to hair - razor cut

Razor cut & highlights by Brittney, Upper East Side, @happyhaircolorist

Longer layers and highlights by Alyssa, Morningside Heights, @alyssascottj

Longer layers and highlights by Alyssa, Morningside Heights, @alyssascottj

how to add volume to hair - blunt cut

Color depth and a blunt cut by Kaitlin, Brooklyn Heights @kaitlinjhair

3. Thickening Blowout. This volume-boosting take on a regular blowout uses our favorite body-building products and techniques. Here’s how you do it:

a) Flip wet hair upside down and “rough dry” (a.k.a. quickly dry) hair until it’s about 60 percent dry. Flip up and spritz damp hair with Aveda Thickening Tonic from root to tip. Comb through.
b) Divide hair into 1- to 2-inch sections. Using a narrow round brush, start with the front of your hairline. Grab each section under the roots, lifting up and turning the brush while directing the air flow down each section. Keep the brush moving. After you thoroughly dry a section, keep it rolled and clip it to your head as if you were setting your hair with rollers.
c) Finish drying all sections like this.
d) Wait until all your hair cools completely. Remove clips. Gently brush through with an Aveda Paddle Brush. For extra thickening, emulsify Pure Abundance Hair Potion between your fingertips and work the product gently into your roots.
e) Spritz all over with Pure Abundance Volumizing Hair Spray.

adding volume to hair - thickening blowout with aveda thickening tonic

Volume-boosting blowout with Aveda Thickening Tonic. Source: Aveda

4. Backcombing
Backcombing or teasing hair is an excellent way to create a super full effect, but it must be done correctly so as not to break or split fine hair. Here’s how to do it:

a) Section the hair into manageable portions.
b) Brush or comb each section before backcombing. Place a backcombing comb or brush four inches from your scalp and push the hair toward the scalp in one fluid motion. Skim the surface of the hair gently— do not apply much pressure.
c) Perform five or six backcombing strokes, “packing” the last stroke with a little more firmness.
d) When desired sections have been backcombed, smooth just the surface gently with your Aveda Paddle Brush to hide the backcombing. Mist with Pure Abundance Volumizing Hair Spray to lock in the shape and volume.

how to add volume to hair - backcombing

The beehive’s best friend: backcombing. Source: Aveda

5. Thickening Style
This styling technique uses a curling iron with a larger barrel (we use 1¼ inch) plus backcombing to build on the Thickening Blowout and create even more volume.
a) Blow out your hair using the Thickening Blowout method (above).
b) After the blowout, section the top of your hair in a Mohawk shape and clip it away. Bring the rest of your hair into a ponytail.
c) Divide the Mohawk into 3 separate sections going down your head.
d) Take sections from the Mohawk starting with the section closest to your face. Hold the curling iron at the base of your hair, feed hair around the barrel leaving the ends just slightly out of the curling iron. Let it sit for a few seconds and then release carefully, keeping the curl intact. Clip to your head and create one or two more horizontal curls with your Mohawk.
e) Undo the ponytail. Section it into 2 or 3 parts depending on thickness. Create vertical curls using the same method as above. Clip away.
f) Cool each section with the cool shot on your blow-dryer in the direction that you curled it.
g) Remove clips. Shake hair out.
h) Lift the sections at the top and gently backcomb the roots of each section. Gently smooth over the teased sections with your Aveda Paddle Brush to hide the backcombing.
i) Spritz all over with Pure Abundance Volumizing Hair Spray.

how to add volume to hair -thickening style with curling iron

More volume needed? Curl it up after your Thickening Blowout. Source: Aveda

6. The Right Products
Volume starts at the root; specifically, the scalp. Choose a clarifying shampoo that’s super cleansing (like Shampure Shampoo) to remove buildup, or a volumizing shampoo like Pure Abundance Volumizing Shampoo, which contains acacia gum to fill out fine hair. (Your best bet? Switch between the two).

Our go-to styling products from Aveda for anyone seeking thicker, fuller hair are:

Shampure Dry Shampoo — to absorb oil at the roots, add texture, and ban the greasies. (Pro Tip: apply before going to bed so that the powder gets ample chance to work into your hair and provide extra grip in the morning.)

Thickening Tonic — which uses certified organic amla, an herb grown in India, to literally thicken each individual hair strand;

Pure Abundance Hair Potion — an ingenious volumizing powder that emulsifies into a paste to add incredible amounts of texture; and

Pure Abundance Volumizing Hair Spray OR Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray. Both will keep every hair in place, all day and all night. The former contains natural bulking agents like acacia gum to swell up the hair strands; the latter contains an excellent humidity defense for those sultry days.

how to add volume to hair - aveda shampure dry shampoo

Source: Aveda

how to make your hair thicker - aveda thickening tonic

Source: Aveda

volumizing hair products- control force

Source: Aveda

7. Hair Extensions

Want to skip all the tutorials and move into instant gratification? Hair extensions are the answer — and no, they’re not just for Gotham City Cheerleaders. Yes, many people do add tons of length to their manes with extensions, but they are often used for shorter and medium lengths as well, simply to add awesome volume.

We use two types of premium human hair extensions at our Morningside Heights location, chosen for quality and for the fact that they are non-damaging to the natural hair and scalp:

a) Vomor Tape-In Hair Extensions
At a lower price point than semi-permanent extensions, these tape-in extensions can be easily reapplied and reused.

how to get thicker hair - vomor hair extensions

Source: Vomor

b) SoCap custom hair extensions
These use a patented keratin strand-by-strand keratin bonding technology that lasts about three months.

Don’t settle for the hair you have — get the hair you want. It’s more possible than you may realize. If adding volume to limp locks is a constant goal for you, book a consultation with a Scott J stylist so we can analyze your hair. You might be surprised at how easy it is to have that ooh-la-la mane you’ve been dreaming about.