How To Care For Your Summer Hair

Featured image source: @scottjaveda on Instagram

We know the drill in the summer—always wear sunglasses, use copious amounts of SPF and stay hydrated. But our hair care routines? Guilty as charged, sometimes it takes a backseat in the summer months. (Which is probably due in part to all the fun you’re having—we won’t point fingers.) However, maintaining your hair’s health is important for all sorts of reasons, and it’s pretty simple to keep in check. Read on for all of our recommended tips and tricks!


Aside from feeling like you have your life together for a little while, getting a simple trim (especially in the summer, when hair tends to grow faster) will rid of your split ends and leave you refreshed. Generally the rule of thumb for optimally healthy locks is 6-8 weeks—this promotes healthy hair growth, meaning no split ends!


Here at Scott J, we’ve rolled out a cutting-edge smoothing treatment that leaves hair silky, shiny and healthy without the use of formaldehyde, a carcinogen found in many popular straightening treatments. It’s our Cezanne Smoothing Treatment—our go-to for those with any amount of frizz in their hair, and to loosen curls and keep hair smooth, no matter what time of year. Powered with keratin, B vitamins, botanicals, glycolic acid and sericin (a component of silk), the gentle treatment takes about two hours to complete—but the end result of silky-smooth, nourished, frizz-free hair lasts for 3-5 months. (To learn even more about our Cezanne Smoothing Treatments, click here.)


It goes without saying that heat styling can bring on some serious damage to your hair—but there are ways to reverse the damage. When our hair is feeling dull and dry, we reach for Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair. This leave-in treatment repairs the hair’s surface and reduces breakage by 90% in just one week. Not only does it treat—it protects, too. (Against breakage and thermal damage up to 450 degrees, to be exact.) Formulated with quinoa protein and macadamia to strengthen and nourish, those remnants of intense heat styling can be gone for good.

And speaking of heat styling, take a summer detox from it! From blow dryers to straighteners and curling wands (not to mention the sun lately), there’s probably more damage being done than we think. We love to keep things natural when the temps go up—or throw our hair in a sweet side braid (because bed head is a very real thing).


Quite possibly the most anticipated release recently, Aveda’s Cherry Almond Shampoo and Conditioner is back and better than ever. Not only are we obsessed with its smell—a blend of 38 pure flower and plant essences including tonka bean, certified organic orange and ylang ylang—but its color-safe formula deeply, yet gently, cleanses hair while maintaining healthy lipids and oils. In other words, it restores the natural softness and shine from root to end for touchably soft hair and a weightless bounce. (That smells really, really good—did we mention that already?)

To get your summer trim or learn more about how to keep your hair healthy while it’s hot, stop by any of our five New York City locations.