Ask Scott J! The most popular questions (and answers) you ask our stylists

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Pity the poor doctor who can’t go to a cocktail party without getting asked for free medical advice. Stylists have a different vocation, but we do experience a similar barrage of questions. In addition to our clients, we field question from family, friends, Internet commenters—sometimes even perfect strangers. Pretty much everyone wants to know how to have better hair. Here are some of the top questions Scott J stylists get—and our pro tips for good hair days.

Q: How do I go from dark to light with no damage?
A: Baby steps! You don’t want to (and probably can’t) go from black to platinum blonde overnight. Depending on how dark your hair is, lightening hair in stages is the best option to preserve its health. For virgin hair, we can use the Aveda Highlight Color to go lighter without using bleach. — Laurell, Upper West Side

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Q: How do I create an edgy look with curly hair? And how do I maintain curls?
A: So that hair doesn’t get too heavy and weighed down, I always create a more layered look with curls. For an edgy look, I use a razor or texturizing shears, as well as a good pomade to give the hair texture and make it funky. A bob or a long, shaggy cut are always in style. — Shari, Morningside Heights

Q: How do I keep a perfect blowout looking salon-fresh?
A: Always apply dry shampoo to the roots before bed. This helps absorb the oils produced during the night. If you pin-curl your hair with bobby pins, you can maximize volume in the morning and maintain that perfect blowout. — Laurell, Upper West Side

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Q: How do I control frizz during hot, humid months?
A: Use the Smooth Infusion Style Prep Smoother. It keeps hair silky and shiny for up to 12 hours, thanks to organic aloe, maize and guar bean. Plus, it protects hair from heat damage. — Nykia, Upper East Side

Q: How do I manage my dry, brittle hair?
A: Our scalp produces oils, and not much of it migrates to the ends. As a result, they can become dry and fragile. Only shampoo the oily roots when washing—not the fragile ends. And when you apply conditioner, condition the ends only. You can leave in the conditioner on the ends if you want. — Laurell, Upper West Side

Q: How do I keep my hair from feeling dry and frazzled during the summer?
A: It’s crucial to wet your hair with fresh water before swimming in the pool or ocean. Dry hair soaks up the salt and chlorine like a sponge. Also, get an Aveda Botanical Treatment! They include aromatherapeutic essential oils and can be customized to your hair type and concerns. — Tanya, Upper West Side

Q: How do I keep my hair color vibrant during the summer?
A: Always use the Color Conserve Shampoo and Conditioner, which gently clean and moisturize hair without stripping color. The Sun Care Protective Hair Veil spray helps protect color from the sun. It blocks out UVA and UVB rays with filters derived from wintergreen and cinnamon bark. – Tanya, Upper West Side

Q: Are keratin treatments good for your hair?
A: If it’s formaldehyde-free treatment, like the Cezanne, then yes! Cezanne is a cutting-edge smoothing treatment that actually strengthens hair from the inside out, fortifying the cuticle with sericin (a component of silk), keratin and B vitamins. It’s all natural, and it leaves the hair in better condition than before. — Nykia, Upper East Side

That pretty much sums up our most-asked questions. Got one you didn’t see on the list? Come on in to Scott J or leave us a comment—we’re happy to drop knowledge any time.