Second-Day Styles That Look As Good As The First

If you have the time and inclination to wash and blow out your hair every day, congratulations — you may bask in our envy. For those of us who make up the other 99 percent: skip the suds for a day or two (it’s better for your hair’s health, anyway). You can still keep your style game strong. Here are a few of our favorite looks for summer where “lived-in” hair is actually an asset.


This quick updo is good for the second or third day after a blowout. Pull hair into a high ponytail. Poke the fingers of one hand through the hair between your scalp and the elastic, creating a gap. Flip the ponytail over and pull the ends, and about a third of the ponytail, through that gap. Secure the ends with bobby pins and let the ponytail drape naturally for a casual, pretty updo. Finish with a few spritzes of Control Force Firm Hold or Air Control hair spray.


Here’s how to backcomb the roots for big, lasting volume. Apply Shampure Dry Shampoo to the roots (with a dollop of Pure Abundance Hair Potion for thin or fine hair). Working in small sections, hold the hair straight upward and pull it tight. Using a backcombing brush or comb, start about halfway up the section and apply firm strokes downward toward the root. Repeat until there is a cushion of hair at the roots and “pack” the last stroke firmly. Continue all around the crown of your head.

Your hair should look a bit wild – this is normal! After you’ve finished backcombing, use a paddle brush to smooth the top layer only to conceal the packed hair below. Your hair will appear smooth and full, and the backcombing will not be visible.




After completing the above technique for a backcombed crown, work a product for hold and a bit of grip through the rest of the hair (we love Confixor Liquid Gel). Secure hair into a low ponytail and wind into a bun. Pull the bun apart slightly and then secure with bobby pins. If hair on the crown or sides is pulled too tightly back, work the hair free to release its backcombed volume. Spritz lightly with Air Control.


Getty Images | Source: Style Craze


Dampen hair by spritzing with water and brush through with a paddle brush. Work Phomollient Styling Foam through the hair and divide hair into 2-4 sections. Braid each section loosely starting at about the ear level. Get as close to the ends of the hair as possible before securing with elastic. If you do this in the evening, pin up your braids securely and sleep on it overnight; if you do it in the daytime, you can dry your braids with your hair dryer.

Once the braids are completely dry, remove the elastics and pull braids apart. Emulsify a few drops of Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil into your hands and finger-comb through your waves. Spritz with Air Control or Be Curly hair spray.

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This look relies on the added texture of unwashed hair for more volume. Work a volumizing product through the hair — we love Light Elements Texturizing Creme for thicker hair and Pure Abundance Hair Potion for fine hair. Pull hair into a ponytail on the very top of your head and then twist it into a spiral. Roll it into a bun and secure with another elastic. Then, start to pull and stretch out your bun as far as it will go without falling apart. Pull out a few wisps along the sides and finish with Control Force.


Getty Images | Source: Style Craze


With long summer weekends and late nights on the horizon, sleeping in during summer is kind of a big deal. Have a few tricks up your sleeve to keep your hair looking fly (not flyaway) and you can hit the snooze button with confidence.