Repair that tired hair!

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How to restore & replenish your hair at summer’s end

Summer is on its way out, but all the damage that sun, salt, and chlorine did to your hair is not going anywhere. Not until you get rid of it, anyway. If you’re planning to head into jacket-and-boots season with a glorious head of hair to top it all off, take heed. We have simple solutions to help turn things around—and tips on how to keep your hair looking gorg heading into the winter.


Sometimes, what seems like a hair problem is really a scalp problem. Summer is a major culprit for scalp issues that you don’t get during the rest of the year—from drying/damaging sun exposure and sunburn; oil buildup triggered by hot, humid temps; or bacteria-induced folliculitis (inflamed hair follicles, similar to acne). We have a “scalp cam” at Scott J that gets a close-up look at your scalp so we can diagnose any issues we see.

If your scalp does turn out to be the root of the problem, we recommend an Aveda Pramasana Scalp Treatment to restore balance. This scalp-saving in-salon therapy can be easily added onto any other hair service. It’s known as “a facial for your scalp,” and it treats scalp like skin, because—well, it is skin. The service includes a scalp analysis, exfoliation, deep cleansing, soothing masque, and application of a protective scalp concentrate to guard against further damage.

Quite often, the in-salon treatment is all you’ll need to address scalp problems, but if you need a bit more love, i.e. extended in-home treatment, we’ll send you off with a Pramasana home-care kit.

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No matter how much you slathered on heat protection this summer, (and especially if you didn’t…) the sun is relentless. Thanks to prolonged exposure to sun, plus salt water and chlorine too, by the time September rolls around, dry or brittle ends happen to the best of us. Our bit of advice here is age-old for a reason: come in for a trim! This is the only way to truly eliminate split ends, reveal healthier hair and refresh your hair shape. (Then, walk off with a tube of Aveda Damage Remedy Split End Repair to prevent future splits from happening.)


Another quick, in-salon treatment you can add onto any service is an Aveda Botanical Treatment—this is the deep, mac-daddy nourishing therapy tailored to your hair’s particular needs and quirks. Whether your hair is begging for deep moisturizing, intense repair, detox, or a combination of all of the above, the power of aroma-therapeutic, plant-derived essential oils restores hair health like nothing else. (And yes, this treatment can be combined with the Pramasana Scalp Treatment for complete renewal from roots to ends.)


Your appointment is more than just your get-gorgeous time: it’s an opportunity to convene with your stylist, talk about your hair health, and discuss ways to nip future problems in the bud as the temperatures gradually drop. Your appointment isn’t over without a plan to keep your hair and scalp in top form no matter what is happening outside. Remember: you’re not the only one who’s obsessed with your hair. We can (and will) talk about it endlessly, too!

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