Tis’ the season for all things love—Valentine’s Day is coming up and we can feel the city buzzing with energy. The days are getting longer, and while we still have a while to go before springtime, love is definitely in the air. Here at Scott J, we’ve been feeling the love, and we talked to some of our beauty gurus about what love means to them.


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We asked three Scott J. stylists to weigh in. Here to dish is Jenny Vo from our Upper East Side salon, Shanae Midgett from our Morningside Heights salon, Rafael Pichardo from our Upper West Side salon, and Joselyn Matos from Upper West Side.

What does love mean to you?

Jenny:  “Love is recognizing that no one and nothing is perfect and accepting them for everything they have to offer.”

Shanae: “Unconditional care for someone, no matter the circumstance.”

Rafael: “To me, love is giving (of your time and gifts), love is patient, understanding, forgiving and disciplined/consistent.”

How do you show love to your guests?

Jenny: “I get to know my clients beyond their hair, and see them as people with lives, interests and hobbies. I form relationships with them along with granting them their hair wishes.”

Shanae: “I show love to my guests by providing them with consistent hair care. Anything I can help with as far and hair and scalp I’m there. Even if it’s a bang trim!”

Rafael: “I show love to my guests by first receiving them with a smile and asking what’s been going on with them since our last visit. I exhibit my dedication and attention to the details, and I’m 100% attentive.”

Joselyn: “By remembering things they share about their private lives and giving hugs”

What’s your favorite date night in NYC?

Jenny: “I love a cocktail bar downtown and a jazz or comedy show.”

Joselyn: “Take a walk on the Highline & take some pictures, then have a late lunch or a Broadway show & dinner.”

Rafael: “My favorite date here in the city would have to be a stroll on the highline holding hands and sharing playful and intimate thoughts.”


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What do you love most about your guests?

Jenny: “They’re normal, everyday people just getting thru life in this crazy city—like me!”

Shanae: “I love our guests because they believe in Aveda! They come to our salons because of Aveda’s mission, which goes beyond hair. We care about the environment in which we all live.”

Rafael: “What I love most about my guests would have to be the way they open up to me. My guests and I seem to have similar ways—you attract who you are.”

What do you love most about your job?

Jenny: “I smell like ‘Aveda’ when I leave!”

Shanae: “No one client is the same! I enjoy the connections I make with each of them. It’s my pleasure to offer the Aveda experience combined with my own.”

Rafael: “My clients are what I love most about my job. And the smile they walk away with is what is most gratifying to me.”

Joselyn: “Making my guests feel great about their look—some of them have been with me for over 15 years. And I love my Scott J. family.”

What Aveda product do you love most?

Jenny: “It’s hard to choose so I’ll do a top 3!

      • Smooth Infusion Style-Prep – It’s lightweight and makes the hair so silky.


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        • Air Control – It has a very soft finish and amazing aroma.


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        • Men’s Grooming Clay – I use it on EVERYONE (not just men!), and it has the right amount of grit without being sticky.

        Rafael: “The Aveda product I love most—Nutriplenish. This line has two versions—a Light set for fine-to-medium hair, and a Deep set for medium-to-coarse hair. This line also has a leave-in conditioner, as well as an oil serum that hydrates the hair. And to save the best for last, Nutriplenish smells amazing!”


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    Feeling the love? Come in to any of our five Scott J. locations and we’ll help you find a product, service and stylist you’ll absolutely love—for Valentine’s Day and beyond.