Nourish Your Roots With Aveda’s NEW Scalp Solutions Collection

In life, the solution to many challenges is found at the source. With your hair, it’s the same: To ensure you grow strong, healthy strands, it all starts at the scalp.

Scalp health continues to trend on Tik Tok and Instagram as people begin to recognize the connection between healthy roots and healthy strands. You can see some amazing transformations on these platforms (but fair warning–some of the content is not for the weak of heart). 

How do you boost your scalp health? With Aveda’s innovative NEW Scalp Solutions Collection, a line of products made to nourish your scalp and boost scalp barrier strength up to 24 percent. With clean ingredients like certified organic neroli, spearmint and lemon, your hair will smell as fresh as it feels. 


Just like you have a daily routine to keep your face, neck and decolletage glowy, a scalp care routine should also be part of keeping your hair beautifully healthy. 

The skin on your scalp is very similar to facial skin, as it is often exposed to the same environmental factors like sun and product build-up. This can lead to stress, causing the scalp to age prematurely. It’s normal for aging skin to become increasingly dry and sensitive—and this includes the skin on your head and scalp. While we can’t completely stop scalp aging, proper care can help keep it nourished and hydrated, providing the perfect foundation for growing healthier hair. 


Your journey to proper scalp care starts with the basics–your wash and condition. Formulated for daily use, Scalp Solutions Balancing Shampoo uses plant-derived cleansing agents to gently rinse away unwanted residue, excess oils and product build-up, and restore balance without over-drying. Follow that up with the Scalp Solutions Replenishing Conditioner, which gently replenishes with a blend of babassu and moringa oils to instantly improve scalp hydration and leave your hair feeling soft and hydrated. 

Just like the skin on your face and body, you can’t skip exfoliation. Scalp Solutions Exfoliating Scalp Treatment is a cooling liquid gel exfoliant that instantly removes surface pollution and product buildup without disrupting the moisture barrier. Massage it onto your wet or dry scalp before shampooing once or twice a week for normal scalp types–more if your scalp is dry or oily. 

Bump up your exfoliation (and self-care time) with a relaxing pre-shower head and scalp massage using Aveda’s innovative new Scalp Solutions Stimulating Scalp Massager. This massaging hair and scalp brush improves microcirculation and helps lift impurities from the scalp before your wash to enhance the scalp care experience. The bi-level filaments gently massage both scalp and hair, priming the scalp to prepare for the rest of your Scalp Solutions regimen. 


In between washes, protect your scalp from the elements by misting your roots with the Refreshing Protective Mist. Made with licorice extract and zinc PCA, this treatment helps control oil for 48 hours so that you can extend the time between hair washes. Vitamin E, rosemary and ginger extracts in combination with adaptogenic botanicals help protect and shield the scalp from pollution, oxidative stressors and environmental aggressors. 

If your scalp is sensitive and needs a little extra love, don’t sleep on overnight treatments…or do! The lightweight formula of Scalp Solutions Overnight Scalp Renewal Serum soothes irritated skin and provides instant scalp hydration that lasts, while helping support a balanced microbiome and optimal scalp health.  

To add to the luxury of your home-spa experience, the entire Scalp Solutions line is scented with custom Aveda pure-fume blends featuring the uplifting aromas of bright citrus, neroli flower, and hints of crisp, cool mint. And as always, all ingredients are vegan and cruelty-free.  

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