Pretty, Easy: Quick Tips to Maximize Your Dating Time

Do you feel that? The days finally are getting longer.

It’s still a couple of months until we’ll start thawing out and seeing little spikes of green, but for now, we can revel in a few extra minutes of sun every day.

But it seems like every year, just as we’re getting back into the groove of it being light out when we get off of work, the time changes and it’s dark again. It’s just an hour, but it has a big psychological impact. Not to mention, when you’re in the dating world, that hour of light allowed you to pop home and change in time for an evening date, and suddenly that time is gone.

The solution: proper preparation. Here you’ll find our tips on how to cheat a little more time out of your days…and your dates.

Step It Up


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The first thing—and fortunately the most obvious—is makeup. Whereas during the day, you’re more likely to go lighter with colors, the evening hours are when it’s time to amp it up. Pick a main feature to highlight, then pick another feature as a lesser-focus. The rest should be more on the neutral side.

For instance, if you pick a strong brow to be your thing, you can pair it with a winged eyeliner or a strong-ish lip. Just don’t go too bold with too much going at once—nobody wants to look like Baby Jane.

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Just in time for the spring, Aveda is launching brand new Aveda Brow Definers with a pencil on one end and a spoolie brush on the other. For daytime looks, fill in sparse areas. For nighttime, get a little bolder and sweep a pale shadow color on your browbone to define the line and highlight your arch even further. (And stay tuned for the Brow Definer launch on our social media.) Add in a dramatic eye and a neutral lip and you’re good to go out.

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If a bold lip is your thing, the Aveda Feed My Lips collection has the shade or shades you’re looking for. Pair that with a moderate brow or an ultra-fine cat eye and tap a little of your lippy on the apples of your cheeks for some color—date makeup look, complete.

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Zhuzh It

For hair, it’s all about setting the stage in the morning for success après work. Office hair has to be a little more conservative than date hair, but nobody has time to go for a whole re-style, so plan on something to which you can make subtle after-work adjustments.

Get your hair game in order before you go to work with this playful 1950s-inspired ponytail that can take you from day to night by just changing out the bandana for one that matches your date outfit:

Throw some beachy waves in shorter hair in the morning, and add in an accent braid when you’re leaving work for a little something extra:

Then there’s always the messy bun: The Old Faithful of medium-to-long hair styling. Appropriate for daytime, and works well with any evening date activities—just add a statement earring and you’re good to go:

Dress For It

The best way to prepare for a quick-change is to wear something that you can take off or bring something that you can put on that changes the whole look and feel.

Whether it’s a matter of switching from a work-wear blazer to a fun jacket, or wearing your favorite boots and swapping a skirt for slacks, there’s always a quick way to shift the feel of an outfit.

Lay them out on your bed the night before with all the options. Figure out the right quick-swaps based on what you can fit in your bag (that won’t get crushed on the subway during your morning commute) and what will make the most visual impact.

To freshen up after a day in stale building air, lightly mist yourself with an Aveda Chakra spray in the bathroom. The chakra sprays are not as confrontational as a strong perfume and you get the added benefits of aromatherapy. For something even subtler, dab a tiny bit of Shampure composition oil behind your ears and on pulse points to add a little something when your sweetie leans in.

Take It Home

Sometimes when time is tight, your best bet is to cook something yummy (or get Postmates—no judgment) and invite your beau over for a cozy night on the couch.

But as delicious as your famous garlic chicken or that Chinese delivery may be, it’s not the kind of scent you want lingering around during a date. Before your guest arrives, light an Aveda Shampure soy wax candle in the living room area to get the place smelling fresh, but not overly flowery. The scent is calming and warm—perfect to set the scene for a cozy evening in.

Make It (to) Work

So you’ve had an amazing night out (or in) and everything went smashingly. Unfortunately, the next morning you still have to make it into work on time, and if you’re running a little late—and/or are in need of a Gatorade and some vitamins—you might need to shave some time off of your morning routine.

Your savior: Aveda dry shampoo and dry conditioner. Hit the snooze button, skip the shower, and refresh/de-grease your style with a few puffs of dry shampoo. Follow with a few spritzes of Aveda thermal dry conditioner and a quick hit with your heat tool of choice for a more polished look. Nobody at your office will be the wiser.

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For a busy person, dating can seem like it’s just as much work as your real job, but with our tools and cheats, you can get more out of your after-hours, even with the time change. Stop by any of Scott J’s Manhattan or Brooklyn salon locations to find the perfect Feed My Lips color, try out the new Brow Definers as soon as they’re launched, or stock up on the Aveda products you need for dating success.

Happy romancing!