Just Mask It! Scott J. Stylists Reveal Their Favorite Hair Treatments

As much as we loooooove summer, we’re the first to admit that as great as it is for your mental health, summer can be your hair’s worst enemy. Why? Let us count the ways:

  • The Sun: UV rays dry out your hair, causing dullness and breakage. Many people are susceptible to sun-dried or sunburned scalp, which can damage hair roots.
  • Sweating: Causes dryness and split ends.
  • Air Conditioning: Climate control feels fabulous, but it robs the air (and your hair) of moisture.
  • Swimming: Chlorine strips your hair of its natural protective oils, while salt water sucks moisture out of your hair and scalp.
  • Wet Brushing/Combing: After swimming, it’s easy to cause breakage and split ends on wet hair when being too impatient with tangled locks.

Every September, we see a parade of guests whose normally healthy hair has taken a beating from three months of sun and fun. We have lots of ways to give your hair a complete refresh for autumn. But here, we’re going to focus on ONE important action that makes a huge difference to summer-worn hair: Using a hair mask for consistent replenishment over time.

Using a hair mask is a relatively inexpensive, DIY way you can put life back into your locks at home, right in the shower. The key is consistency and choosing the right one!


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We asked three Scott J. stylists to weigh in on why it makes sense to incorporate a hair mask into your autumn beauty routine. Here to tell you everything you need to know are Brittany “Clarke” Lugo at our Morningside Heights location, Alex Vargas in Soho, and Aviva Mansbach in Brooklyn Heights.

How does a conditioner differ from a hair mask?

Alex: “A conditioner is a lighter cream hair moisturizer that sits in the hair for a minute or two. The conditioner covers the hair follicle, lightly coating and adding moisture or protein to the hair shaft.

“A mask is a heavier cream moisture treatment. It should sit on the hair for more than a few minutes for maximum benefits. The mask will penetrate the hair follicle and, with frequent use, helps heal damaged, dry, chemically-treated hair.”

Aviva: “A conditioner will moisturize the hair strand for the time being, while a mask will penetrate and condition deeply for a longer-lasting effect.”

Clarke: “A mask gives you more instant noticeable results compared to a conditioner.”


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Are hair masks for everyone? If not, who’s the best candidate for them?

Aviva: “Masks may not be for everyone. If you have thin hair, a mask might weigh it down and even over-condition. If you have very dry or damaged hair, a mask could be exactly what you need.”

Alex: “The best candidates for hair masks are people with hair that is coarse, curly, dry, color-treated, over-processed, or damaged from heat styling.”

How often should you use a hair mask?

Clarke: “For fine to normal-textured hair, once a week is ideal. But for people with a more natural texture, two a week is best.”

Alex: “One should use a mask even more frequently if damage to hair is severe or if the person consistently colors or heat-styles.”


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What’s your favorite Aveda hair mask?

Clarke: “My favorite Aveda mask is the Dry Remedy Moisturizing Masque to quench my curly hair!”

Aviva: “I love Aveda’s Dry Remedy and Damage Remedy masks to condition and repair your hair with visible results.”

Alex: “My favorite is the Damage Remedy Intensive Treatment, which uses quinoa protein to strengthen damaged hair strands.”

“For finer and color-treated hair I recommend Aveda’s Color Conserve Strengthening Treatment. It gives moisture and great shine, but does not weigh down the hair.”

No matter if your hair suffered a lot or just a little bit of damage this summer, chances are its health will be significantly improved by a once or twice-a-week hair mask to replenish and repair. Come on in to any of our five Scott J. locations and we’ll help you pick out the right mask to give your tresses the TLC they deserve!