How-To: Reboot Those Resolutions!

If you’ve found yourself already falling behind on your resolutions (it’s okay, we won’t point fingers), we’re here to help pick up where you left off and kick things back into high gear. You deserve your best life this year—so forget about those days you missed and focus on what’s ahead, starting with this list. (Don’t worry, like we said—we’re here to help.)


So, you’ve put off your routine cut because you had one too many holiday parties to pencil in. Make your next appointment your best appointment—rather than your usual trim, change up your look. If you’ve been dying to try out the #loblife or if you’ve been saving tons of pictures of bangs to your Pinterest boards, make your first resolution to shake things up.


No matter if it’s Pantone’s Color of the Year (a stellar ultra-violet purple) or a tried-and-true balayage, color is everywhere in 2018—and we’re so here for it. We’ll talk through your ideas (and maybe your resolutions, too) during a one-on-one color consultation. In other words, if you can’t stop thinking about it, do it.


Declare this year your year of self-care. Our facials can be pre-booked and are available at our Morningside Heights location, beginning with a skin analysis and consultation to customize a facial tailored to your every need. No matter if you have acne-prone, or aging skin, try Botanical Skin Resurfacing or a Perfecting Plant Peel for a natural alternative to glycolic peels and microdermabrasion.

Keeping your skin moisturized can enhance your complexion, heal acne, and prevent wrinkles—and Aveda’s Tulasara line is our go-to for firmer, brighter skin. Smooth fine lines and switch up your skin care routine by adding Tulasara’s Wedding Masque Overnight and Renew Morning Creme for instant moisture and all-day glowing skin.

We say this every year, but make this the year you finally start wearing sunscreen daily. It’s a simple step with long-lasting benefits—it prevents signs of aging, lowers your risk of skin cancer and, of course, protects against sunburns. We’d recommend Aveda’s Daily Light Guard for an all-day, natural defense.


If you love a classic paper planner or keep it all in your phone, by all means—get it together. Take some time to think about your goals for the year, plan out your schedule and maybe even organize your closet. Make this the year you get on track, once and for all.

(And if you do decide that a new color or cut is a part of your track, you know who to call.)