NYC Stylists Share Their Best Spring Hair Tips


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Say what you want about NYC—but we are the city that sets the tone for the rest of the world. So who better than seasoned NYC stylists to spill the tea on what’s new and fresh for hair in spring 2019? We asked a couple Scott J stylists their predictions and tips for spring hair.

Bree Tuzzolino, educator/stylist from the Upper West Side, Brittany Lugo aka “Clarke” from Morningside Heights and Abby from our Soho location, tells us what’s going on for Spring. Take it away ladies…


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Q: What’s the color technique you love to do the most this year? Why do you love it so much? What kind of look or vibe does it convey for your guest? 

BREE: Balayage. The reason I love it so much is because it allows me as the artist to be truly creative . There are so many different techniques within balayage that makes it universal and beautiful for everyone!

CLARKE: Recently, I’m loving balayage and the lived-in look; I love the lower maintenance it conveys.

ABBY: There are two of them: balayage and double process. I love the balayage technique because a lot of guests are afraid of going lighter or adding a bit of color to their hair and that would introduce them to a beautiful yet different look for them. When my guest see their hair after it’s all done, you can just see in there face how it changes the way they look at themselves. The double process—now that is a huge change. When my guests sit in my chair and tell me they want that, it’s so exciting for me because it’s different and bold.


Q: If you had to pick ONE style and/or color technique that’s the trendiest for 2019 what would it be? Why do you think it’s so hot right now?

BREE: The style for 2019 is more lived in hair. New growth is okay when it comes to color and a blunt cut with some textured ends for the cut.

CLARKE: Bob/lobs are really in now. And I’m loving how streamlined they look.

ABBY: Blunt square one length, no layers, no face framing. That is one cut a lot of my guest usually ask for. For color it’s definitely balayage, being blonde, but not changing their color completely, just adding a pop of color, from brightening up their face to adding dimension or even just wanting something different yet fun and trendy.


Q: What advice do you give to guests who come to you wanting to make a major change with their hair, but not sure what it should be?

BREE: I say come in and speak to one of our amazing team members, check out their Instagrams and see if their vibes are the same as yours. My usual answer is start small, we can always make it more extreme in later appointments.

CLARKE: Start small in the realm of where you eventually want to be. If you’re contemplating going shorter, meet yourself halfway to let yourself get used to the idea. Want to introduce new color? Either start with a face frame of highlights or put in color tape-in extensions.

ABBY: If any of my guests ever want a major change whether it’s cutting their hair or a major color change, the first thing I ask “Why do they want such a big change and are if they’re ready for the big change?” If they’re not sure, I always provide an option; for example l give them a short haircut but not as short as they want it and see how they feel. We can either cut more or wait and if they want more off the next haircut we take a few more inches off.

As for color, if their hair is virgin, I always suggest using the new Demi+ line, because it’s not permanent, they can see what it will look like but it will wash away. In the next service they can go permanent or just change to a different color. And if they want highlights and don’t want the maintenance I suggest balayage so they can feel bright but not have to worry about the our growth when they’re due and it’ll be more natural looking as it continues to grow out.


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Q: What’s the advice you give to guests who want to protect their hair color investment?

BREE: Protecting your investment is one of the most important things to us as stylists. We recommend products that are completely unique for you. We want your color and cut to look the same as when you left the salon every day.

CLARKE: Always used good products at home. A good sulfate free shampoo and condition is always recommended.

ABBY: Make sure they’re using the right products; the color conserve hair care line or the damage remedy line. I always always tell them in order to keep your hair looking healthy and keep this color vibrant and fresh as if you walked out of the salon you need to make sure you’re using the right products always.


Q: What’s the nicest / most memorable thing any of your guests have ever said to you about their new hair color?

BREE: After a color correction my client once said “you made me feel whole again.”

CLARKE: A guest came in wanting a change and was a little all over the place with exactly what she was looking for. When we were done she said it was everything she wanted and didn’t even know she wanted.

ABBY: One of my guests said to me that she had never felt as beautiful as I made her look and feel in her 50 years of life and she even had tears in her eye. She is the sweetest guest and one that I will never forget.