5 Hairstyles That Changed Everything, Part 2

In Part 2 of our homage to epic hair looks throughout history, it’s a British invasion! With four out of our final five looks coming from the U.K., they’re proof that star-making styles can cross the Atlantic faster than you can pull out a blow dryer.

6. Twiggy’s Pixie Crop

In 1966, 16-year-old Lesley Hornby walked into celebrity hairstylist Leonard Lewis’ London salon — but it was Twiggy who walked out. Leonard dyed her brown hair golden blonde and clipped her locks into an extreme pixie cut that launched Twiggy onto the cover of countless fashion magazines. The cropped cut emphasized her large doe eyes, creating the coveted “elfin” look that has endured for generations.



Who’s Rocked It Since: Emma Watson, Anne Hathaway, Michelle Williams

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7. Angela Davis’ Afro

An iconic figure in U.S. civil rights during the 70s, Angela Davis is sometimes known as much for her signature afro as for her status as a fearless warrior for feminism, activism, and black power. Angela has said, “It is both humiliating and humbling to discover that … I am remembered as a hairdo.” But during the time, when Davis was the public persona of social change, her towering, perfectly round, amazing natural hair couldn’t help but take center stage with her.



Who’s Rocked It Since: Diana Ross, Erykah Badu, Solange Knowles

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8. Diana, Princess of Wales’ Tapered Pageboy

Nineteen-year-old “Shy Di” charmed everyone with her captivating gaze and her dark blonde, boyish haircut in the early 80s, when she got engaged to Britain’s Prince Charles. By the time she became Princess Diana, her highlighted, feathered layered cut (created by stylist Richard Dalton) became one of the most copied hairstyles in the world.



Who’s Rocked It Since: Jodie Foster, Sharon Stone, Mandy Moore

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9. Amy Winehouse’s Beehive

Amy Winehouse was certainly not the first singer to flaunt a beehive — the Ronettes, Dusty Springfield, and the B-52s spectacularly paved the way. But Amy’s exaggerated half-up, half-down tower of hair (coupled with bat-wing eyeliner) became as closely associated with the tumultuous singer as her smoky, unforgettable voice.



Who’s Rocked It Since: Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Osbourne, Jessica Simpson

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10. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge’s Bouncy Blowout

Rounding out our list is Diana’s DIL, the former Kate Middleton. Her hair has us royally jealous: glossy, long and luscious, with a subtle ombre from chocolate to honey-brown. With the illusion of movement even when she’s standing still, Kate’s hair is the perfect embodiment of her low-key, effortless glamour. The Duchess knows what’s up — she recently booked Princess Diana’s Australian hairstylist, Joh Bailey, to maintain her fabulous blowout when traveling Down Under.



Who’s Rocked It Since: Jessica Alba, Kate Bosworth, Jessica Biel 

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Hairstyles can change everything — not the least of which is your self-confidence. If you’re ready to update your look or find a new style to catapult you to stardom, come on in and let’s talk!