Scott J.

Upper West Side


ExtensionsAveda Hair Color gives you vibrant color that lasts. And because it’s up to 99% naturally-derived, it’s essentially damage-free.

Infused with sunflower, castor and jojoba oils which improve hair’s condition and add shine. Made up of a natural anti-oxidant to help protect hair against fading. Filled with pure flower and plant aroma with lavender to soothe, calm and relax.

A finish upgrade is available for $30. Ask for details. Prices are determined by your stylist, during the consultation and may vary for a variety of reasons: the experience level of your stylist, the length and thickness of your hair, and the time and product required to complete your service.

Single Color Process
(new growth)
$90 - $120
Shine Coat
$90 - $120
Highlight Face Frame
$90 - $120
Highlight Half Head
$160 - $220
Highlight Full Head
$225 - $280
$225 - $280
Add on color balancing
$25 - $95
Corrective Color
(priced only upon consultation, color result is not guaranteed)