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The Ultimate Hair Quiz: Discover The Perfect Products For Health and Style

Find the ultimate match for your hair needs with Aveda styling products at Scott J, the best salon in New York, NY.


Fall-Ready and Fabulous: Your Guide to Keeping your Color Vibrant

This past summer met record high temperatures; with that came record high sun-damage to your hair color. At Scott J, we understand the importance of keeping your hair looking fabulous as the leaves begin to fall. With pumpkin spice season upon us, the time to refresh your color […]


The Secret to a Healthy Scalp: Aveda’s NEW Scalp Solutions Pro Treatment

We all know the importance of maintaining healthy skin, but how often do you think about the skin on your scalp? Your scalp is an extension of your skin, and just like your face, it deserves some extra care and attention. Introducing Aveda’s Scalp Solutions Pro Treatment, a […]

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