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Total Eclipt of the Heart

Why you’ll love eclipting, the hottest new technique in hair color If you’ve ever taken a color theory class, you already know these basics: Dark colors make an area recede or look smaller (which is why black is so slimming) and light colors visually expand an area. These […]


A Shore Plan: Care For Your Hair Before, During And After A Beach Trip

It’s sad but true that between sun exposure, salt water and chlorine, your trip can be rough on your hair. But you can make sure both you and your tresses come back looking and feeling restored.

Hauns Korpela teaching a Scott J cutting class

How To Get The Best Haircut Of Your Life

We believe you’re entitled to a lifetime of truly great haircuts. So we sat down with Scott J. Creative Director Hauns Korpela—an Aveda Hall of Fame cutting educator and platform artist—to get the scoop on what will make your next haircut one you truly love.

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