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Ask Scott J! The most popular questions (and answers) you ask our stylists

Pretty much everyone wants to know how to have better hair. Here are some of the top questions Scott J stylists get—and our pro tips for good hair days.


Summer hair tricks and trends

Between the intense color-zapping sunlight, frizz-inducing humidity and drying, chlorinated pools, the season can be stressful for your tresses. That’s why we’re turning to the pros—our talented stylists—for their top tricks and tips for summer. Regardless of your hair woe, they have the solution.


Smooth Operator: Cezanne Smoothing Treatments Are The Way Forward

We’ve rolled out a cutting-edge smoothing treatment that leaves hair straighter, shinier and healthier than before. It’s called Cezanne, and it’s a great way to zap frizz and add luster to any hair type. Best of all, it doesn’t contain formaldehyde, a carcinogen found in many popular straightening treatments.

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