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Time for Party Hair

Holidays are here, which means it’s time to pull out all the stops. A sequined cocktail dress that’s just a little too much during other times of the year? The winged eyeliner you’ve been practicing in the bathroom mirror? Metallic manicure? They’re all about to have their big moment.


Your Guide to the 2016 Fall Hair & Makeup Trends

Did you know that in Japan, geisha carefully select their kimono to reflect the season? For example, cherry blossom designs are worn only during the spring, while maple leaves are a popular autumn motif. The point is to enhance beauty by harmonizing one’s appearance with the natural environment.

Source: Aveda

Hello Fall! Hello Fresh

Hello, fall. Hello, fresh. Products you need to rejuvenate your skin & hair Fall foresight: The products you need to tackle the new season refreshed Cooler weather is finally here… which means it’s time to break out all those new fall knits, booties, scarves and sweaters you’ve been […]

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