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How To Care For Your Summer Hair

We know the drill in the summer—always wear sunglasses, use copious amounts of SPF and stay hydrated. But our hair care routines? Guilty as charged, sometimes it takes a backseat in the summer months. (Which is probably due in part to all the fun you’re having—we won’t point fingers.) However, maintaining your hair’s health is important for all sorts of reasons, and it’s pretty simple to keep in check. Read on for all of our recommended tips and tricks!


Get This Summer’s Hottest Trend In 20 Minutes

Whether you’re high-tailing it to the Hamptons or not, summer is here—and it’s getting hot. With a new season comes new trends, and lately, we can’t get enough of all the shorter, bolder, more textured styles leaving our doors. (Feel free to check them out on our ‘gram, […]


Ice, Ice, Baby: Cold Capping to Prevent Hair Loss in Chemo

Getting a cancer diagnosis is frightening and stressful, and from that moment on, it can occupy your entire life. Treatments and possible surgeries take over day-to-day living, while your family, your job and your body are thrown out of whack. It’s a daily struggle to maintain some semblance […]

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