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Your Favorite Products, Delivered to Your Door

In today’s busy world, online shopping is not just a lifesaver, it’s a way of life. While we love nothing more than having our guests visit us in the salon, we know online shopping makes your life easier on a daily basis. So we have big news—we’re excited […]


Your Holiday Game Plan: Staying Stylish Despite the Rush

Between office parties, friend get-togethers, swanky fundraisers, family obligations and festive brunches, (not to mention those extra hours at work that always seem to pop up at the wrong time) your calendar until 2019 dawns is probably fairly close to full already. What’s important during these times where […]


It’s More Than Just Hair: Chemo and Cold-Capping

Keeping your hair during chemo through cold capping or scalp cooling is a way to feel better during cancer treatment. We’re working to help make cold-capping affordable.

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