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NYC Stylists Share Their Best Spring Hair Tips

Say what you want about NYC—but we are the city that sets the tone for the rest of the world. So who better than seasoned NYC stylists to spill the tea on what’s new and fresh for hair in spring 2019? We asked a couple Scott J stylists their predictions and tips for spring hair. Bree Tuzzolino, educator/stylist from the Upper West Side, Brittany Lugo aka “Clarke” from Morningside Heights and Abby from our Soho location, tells us what’s going on for Spring.


Pretty, Easy: Quick Tips to Maximize Your Dating Time

Do you feel that? The days finally are getting longer. It’s still a couple of months until we’ll start thawing out and seeing little spikes of green, but for now, we can revel in a few extra minutes of sun every day. But it seems like every year, […]


How to Save Your Skin and Hair from the NYC Winter

Welcome to 2019! We made it through the bustle and cheer of the holidays…and now real winter settles in. While there’s still plenty of fun going on in the city and in the salon, we’re not going to front: It’s grey and it’s cold, and it’s going to […]

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